Bespoke Walks

In addition to the set walks, I can also offer a Bespoke service. This would include:

  • Larger party size than 8 people
  • If you would like a more personal 1:1 experience
  • If you want to do a different walk to one of my set walks
  • Visiting a different island
  • Or maybe you want to see a particular species, i.e. Hen Harrier or Primula Scotica

The prices of our Bespoke walks can vary and are dependant on the nature of the enquiry, please contact us for more information.


Wildlife Guiding

I am also available for hire as a wildlife guide. I can join an existing minibus/coach tour as a wildlife guide, or if you have a tour group who would like to do a wildlife walk, then I can make arrangements to meet up with your group. I can work with local tour guides to do a joint tour, or I can arrange a taxi tour for you with me as the wildlife guide. If you are interested in any of these, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Prices for wildlife guiding are dependent on the nature of the enquiry.